Solid drive from JF Dumoulin at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

august 27, 2018

NASCAR Pinty's Series: Tenth race - Road track - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - August 26th, 2018

Jean-François Dumoulin drove a race that was completely in character for him today on the road course at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Starting sixth, the driver of the #04 Spectra Premium | Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat | Groupe Bellemare | MIA car had to pass almost the whole field after a mid-pack restart, including leading cars, to work his way to a battling fourth place at the finish - yet another demonstration of his never-die determination.

Jean-François Dumoulin's Saturday practice session aboard the #04 Spectra Premium | Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat | Groupe Bellemare | MIA car really moved the ball forward in terms of setup. Fighting a tight-in - loose-out condition, the team fairly attacked the car during successive visits to the pits, substituting springs, shocks, tire pressures and suspension settings to give their driver a well-behaving, competitive car. The team then ran a simulated qualifying session on new tires to confirm that the car was in optimal shape for the race. "We knew that the car would be good for the early part of the race and would get even better towards the end race,"

The rain then proceeded to take away from the show, forcing the cancellation of the qualifying session in this tenth race of the NASCAR Pinty's Series, held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. In the event, grid positions were established by the times from the Saturday (August 25) practice session as per NASCAR rules.

In the race, the team adjusted out a small push (understeer) in the car during the pit stop, by reducing tire pressures in front and increasing them at the back. The change worked so well that Jean-Francois Dumoulin passed ten cars in one lap at the subsequent restart, after re-starting almost at the end. This move got him back in the top-5 group, ready for a late rush that moved him up to fourth at the finish.

"The #04 Spectra Premium | Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat | Groupe Bellemare | MIA car was great throughout the race. The fine-tuning we did during the Saturday practice session worked perfectly, especially in the second part of the race. I was careful not to interfere with my brother in his run for the championship when we were side-by-side for restarts. Our team really shone at every stage over the weekend. See you at the next race, where we are going for the win", concluded Jean-François Dumoulin.

Next race: Autodrome St-Eustache (September 8th, 2018)

The #04 Spectra Premium | Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat | Groupe Bellemare | MIA team will be back on track on September 8th at the Autodrome St-Eustache short oval. Our sixth-place finish last year augurs well for a Top-3 finish this season.


The great Dumoulin Challenge to raise money for the Quebec Cancer Foundation continues this coming weekend. Each act of generosity on our part is another step towards our "Podium."

Please come and see us in the paddock on September 8th at the Autodrome St-Eustache and add your name to the trunk lids of the Jean-François et Louis-Philippe Dumoulin cars. To make a donation online:

The Dumoulin Corner: 49 years of history for you to relive

Historic moment #6 was posted on the team Facebook page on August 16th. Back in 2008 shows a picture of « Mother Love», Denise Caissie, with both her sons at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. Visit the team's Facebook site for the full story:

« Passion - Performance - Partnerships »

Photo: Gilles Tremblay


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The main characteristics of the Spectra Premium high-performance radiator

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Summary - Highlights in Jean-François Dumoulin's career

  • First podium in the NASCAR Canadian Tire series on May 17, 2015 (3rd place - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park);
  • NASCAR Pinty's Series Championship since 2015;
  • The first Quebec-born driver to win twice the Rolex 24 in Daytona; 2004 (SGS and 2007 (GT);
  • Caught the attention of the renowned Player's Driver Development Program scout (Formula Ford and Formula Atlantic), became one of the youngest drivers ever to be recruited, and was touted as a strong contender for the championship title in Formula Ford (1996 and 1997 seasons);
  • Champion of the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge GS, USA in 2003 (9 podiums);
  • Champion of the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sport Car Challenge ST, USA in 2002 (5 podiums);
  • In Montreal's 2009 edition of NASCAR Nationwide, he finished his first race in 7th position aboard a badly damaged car and won the hearts of numerous fans and reporters;
  • In 2000, he was the Motorola Cup Series Vice-Champion, during a season that included a 1st place podium finish after having begun the race in 52nd position at the Molson Indy event in Ontario, Canada.


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