Dumoulin brothers give back to their sport : The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum adds the "Dumoulin Corner"

may 8, 2018

Racing brothers Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin launched the « Dumoulin Corner » today, a new feature of the Musée Gilles-Villeneuve and a part of the exciting development plan for the Museum. Amateurs will enjoy a mix of items from the beginning of the brothers' careers to today. Dumoulin Competition has been turning their motto, "Passion, Performance, Partnerships" into reality from the beginning. The museum also believes in those guiding principles and the exhibit will highlight the team's accomplishments as well as reflect their future goals and actions.

Alain Bellehumeur, General Manager of the Musée Gilles-Villeneuve, recently announced a major expansion plan for the museum. Part of the plan also calls for adding exhibits from various motorsport disciplines. Mr. Bellehumeur stated that "We are absolutely delighted to add the "Dumoulin Corner" in the delivery of our new mission. The new exhibit will emphasize the family aspect of the Dumoulin saga, with brothers Jean-Francois and Louis Philippe, their father Richard who started it all, their uncle Gérald who also raced in Formula 1600 over the years, and their mother Denise Caissie, who helped her sons and husband Richard turn their passion into reality over the years."

The brothers are proud to become a part of the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum, as the memory of our hero remains very present in their minds. Both brothers talk about Gilles always with a touch of emotion in their voice. "Gilles was an inspiration and a model for us right from the start. We worked hard to improve our performance, as Gilles always did. He never gave up, never entertained defeat, and always put everything he had into pulling the maximum out of the car, often beyond its potential."

Gilles' background was similar to our own: from a small village, with little money and only a great passion and a goal to propel us up the racing ladder" added Jean-François (#04 Spectra Premium / Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat / Groupe Bellemare / MIA) and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin (#47 WeatherTech Canada / Groupe Bellemare).

**Louis-Philippe even won the Gilles-Villeneuve Trophy twice (2001 and 2014), in recognition of the fighting spirit and on-track performance of a Quebec driver over the season.

The Dumoulin Corner pays homage to the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum on its 30th anniversary, and represents a concrete recognition on the part of the brothers of their unforgettable role model. The exhibit will also reach all motor racing fans and competitors who admired Gilles and were inspired by his memory through their activities on and off track.

Big weekend coming up: May 19 and 20. Let us unite! Come and sign our cars and contribute to our "Race Against Cancer!" campaign.

The 2018 NASCAR Pinty's Series starts next May 19 and 20 at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Bowmanville, Ontario). This will be the third year of the Dumoulin Competition's initiative in assistance of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Spectators at every Pinty's event will be invited to sign the trunk cover of both Dumoulin cars : Jean-François's (#04 Spectra Premium / Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat / Groupe Bellemare / MIA) and Louis-Philippe's (#47 WeatherTech Canada/ Groupe Bellemare). We'll be looking for you!

« Passion - Performance - Partnerships »

Photo credit : Stéphane Bergeron

About Gilles-Villeneuve Museum

The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum opened its doors to the public in 1988. On the initiative of members of the Berthier-Villeneuve comity regrouping volunteers and friends who knew Gilles Villeneuve, the museum followed the inauguration of Gilles-Villeneuve's park and statue (a real size bronze). Berthierville will never forget the champion who put it on the map.

Since it's foundation, the team of the museum is very active to perpetuate the souvenir of Gilles Villeneuve throughout years and generations. Trough activities like golf tournaments, banquets, membership campaigns, etc..., and other actives related to racing (karting and Auto Shows) the staff and volunteers of the museum never stops the efforts so that the legend of the little guy from Berthierville will be told for many many years ...

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