Béton Surface Mauricie Signs Three-Year Partnership Agreement with Dumoulin Competition

may 10, 2021

Two market leaders from the Mauricie region of the Quebec province (Centered around Trois-Rivieres) are now partners for the next three years. Béton Surface Mauricie and Dumoulin Compétition join forces in order to add to their efficiency and growth potential, and to develop creative solutions to the business opportunities occurring from the current world-wide crisis.

At the end of the 2020 season, brothers Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin decided to improve their Dumoulin Compétition workshop by adding a specialized covering to the floor. The importance of calling on a local company led to an alliance with Béton Surface Mauricie, who applied a specialized "polyurea with flakes" covering.

Thanks to the new high-tech floor, the Dumoulin Competition team members will work in a cleaner, healthier and better lit environment, all to increase the precision and quality of the work done on the cars and racing equipment at their Yamachiche workshop. Under the new agreement, the brothers' cars will carry the Béton Surface Mauricie logo during races and at various promotional activities of the Dumoulin Competition team.

The common core values of the owners undoubtedly helped launch the agreement: "We all share the same positive attitudes towards innovation and surpassing oneself, which is why this alliance developed quite naturally," says Louis-Philippe Dumoulin.

"This partnership is the right boost that will motivate us to push even harder in the preparation of our cars," adds Jean-François Dumoulin.

Éric Gilbert, a co-owner of Béton Surface Mauricie, is delighted with the agreement: "We are proud to be associated with the racing elite in our Mauricie region! It is a great opportunity for us to develop a new segment of the automotive market that is interested in racing," he said.

The connection between the owners of the two companies began on a track in August 2019 when Karine Boucher, also co-owner of Béton Surface Mauricie, was a passenger in a race car driven by Jean-François Dumoulin as part of a promotional event at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. Just goes to show that strong emotions can help build business relationships!

About Béton Surface Mauricie

Béton Surface Mauricie, a leader in the concrete surface coating industry in the Mauricie region, uses the most resistant innovative products on the market. Launched in June 2019, our company has quickly mastered the art and science of garage flooring.

Dumoulin Competition. Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin founded the Dumoulin Competition Race Team in 2009. Working with financial, marketing, logistics and sports management experts, they built up a solid business structure. Dumoulin Competition prepares its on race cars in-house since 2016. Their motto: "Passion - Performance - Partnerships" expresses their will to perform on the track and offer their partners maximum visibility and profitability in return for their commitment. Their vision: To become Canada's leader in motorsports through track performance, entrepreneurial and human values