"50 YEARS AT THE WHEEL" The Dumoulin': passion for performance. The Quebec Sport Auto Show will pay tribute to the Dumoulin family this Saturday May 4th, 2019

april 30, 2019

The upcoming season will mark the Dumoulin family's 50 years of racing. On a theme of "50 years at the wheel," the family members perpetuate the passion and principles of its creators, starting with Patriarch Richard, followed by his brother Gérald, and 25 years later by Richard's two sons, Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, the two-time NASCAR Pinty's Series champion (2014 and 2018). On Saturday, May 4th, the Quebec Sport Auto Show will pay tribute to the builders of our sport, including the Dumoulin family, an event not to be missed.

The year 1969 marked the history in all its aspects. For Richard Dumoulin, it was the beginning of a saga that marked the history of our sport in Canada. At that time, Richard had no idea that his sons, Jean-François and Louis-Philippe, would be gifted and passionate enough to both choose motorsports as a career in a sport that he originally considered as a great "leisure activity". Mother Denise Caissie has always shared her family's passion, a businesswoman who believed from the start in the challenges of this sport, the demands it makes on the participants, the business opportunities therein, and the need to diversify in order to grow personally and in business, and develop new skills and knowledge.


Richard Dumoulin '70 - Photo Serge Lafreniere

Most beginner drivers start out in karting. Circumstances led the Dumoulin family elsewhere, in ice racing, an inexpensive option with multiple natural tracks on frozen lakes and rivers near their home at the time.

In addition to his studies and sports activities at Cégep and the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, where Richard Dumoulin completed a bachelor's degree in physical education, he also ran in slaloms early in his career, regardless of the season, driving an Austin Mini "Cooper S" from that era. From 1970 to 2009, he raced in 14 editions of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières, in several Canadian Grand Prix support races, and at other tracks in Quebec and Ontario. Along the way, Richard won the Quebec GT-S Series Championship in the `70s and has also raced an Alfa Romeo sports car and in F1600.

"I've never done a full season in a given series, as I only raced when I could afford it. Getting the most out of the car I had was my way of winning, and I found it very challenging and satisfying," explains Richard Dumoulin.


Jean-Francois, Gerald, Richard, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin Jean-François, Denise Caissie, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin

Born of a father who was a mechanic and a teacher, a mother who is an international authority as a career coaching, and surrounded by car enthusiasts, everything was in place to transmit the passion to the descendants of Denise Caissie and Richard Dumoulin.

As children, Jean-François and Louis-Philippe followed their father to his car repair shop. As teenagers, they learned to drive on the ice of Lake Saint-Pierre (Trois-Rivières) on weekends, with their first laps in a Renault 5 (coping with the rusted bodies that weakened the chassis but made the cars lighter) or a Volkswagen Rabbit with friends.

Both brothers quickly learned that financial partnerships are essential to survive in motor racing. "We started working for our father at a very young age, handling oil and tire changes in his shop. As teenagers, we made a deal with Dad: We had to continue school and, in the evening, we were allowed to work on our cars. Between ages 12 to 15, we didn't have enough money to go karting and would instead slide around on the frozen Saint-Laurent river on weekends", added Jean-Francois.

Father Richard takes up the story. "When the time came, Jean-François, our eldest son, wanted to be part of the Jim Russell Driving School. Denise [his mother] and I finally agreed to let him enroll in the school on the condition that he would continue his studies. He rose through the school ranks very quickly, from student to mechanic, to driver and manager of training activities. He was good at everything he did there, and he still works at the school today. Louis-Philippe wanted to do the same thing. The two brothers have done very well, given the low key and low-funded start to their careers, and we are very proud of their achievements. The third generation has now arrived. We will certainly let the young ones try the sport to see if they like it, but I will not put pressure on them to do anything other than what they want," concluded the proud grandfather.

Jean-François Dumoulin admits that his passion for cars and motor racing is still as intense as it was at the beginning. "My commitment to the sport has evolved over the past 20 years, from being an amateur driver and occasional driving instructor to be a state-of-the-art professional driver, instructor and race tactics specialist in international racing."

"At this stage of my career, I enjoy my two main activities: managing our company, Dumoulin Competition, and on-track activities, passing on my passion to students. Driving is still running in my veins, especially when the important endurance event return at the start of the season", says this businessman and passionate driver.

Louis-Philippe Dumoulin was also steeped in passion from the very beginning. "Today, our paths differ somewhat, but the core is the same: we race, we teach driving and the other facets of racing, like testing and strategy, and we travel the world to also help teams be competitive. Above all, Jean-François and I have a great family life with our life partners and our new sons," says Louis-Philippe Dumoulin.


Since the incorporation of Dumoulin Competition in 2009 and with the support of exceptional partners (WeatherTech Canada, Groupe Bellemare, Spectra Premium, Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat, Motorsports In Action, Trois-Rivières Mitsubishi, Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières and many others who have supported the Dumoulin brothers for so many years).

"50 YEARS AT THE WHEEL" - Creation Luc Pilon

50 years at the wheelThe Dumoulin family's 50th anniversary logo is inspired by the creative work of Luc Pilon, VIP Memorial artist. The sculpture of Richard, Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin's hands is made of urethane resin.

Artistic approach:

  1. Create a mold to integrate the steering wheel and the hands.
  2. Pour resin in the mold to take the impression of the hands. This phase tested the patience of the two brothers, Jean-François and Louis-Philippe, who had to stay face to face without moving until the resin took hold.
  3. Pour the urethane resin and wait 8 to 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the steering wheel and clean the sculpture and details of each hand
  5. Apply a metallic gold paint.



They are often two and they are always driven by their family spirit. The values passed on by the parents are ever present and for five years now, have been moved on to the new generation of four young Dumoulin men: Jake, Louis, Nolan and Victor.

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