2019: A BUSY SEASON AHEAD. Jean-François Dumoulin named distributor of Spectra Premium High-Performance Radiators

april 25, 2019

Jean-François Dumoulin's 2019 season promises to be busier than ever with racing, the distribution of Spectra Premium high-performance radiators, the management of the Dumoulin Competition Race Team, all the while delivering advanced driver training courses in North America and Europe. In addition, race car preparation has been added to Dumoulin Competition list for other drivers who will join the NASCAR Pinty's series during the season. These additional responsibilities will require some adjustments to Jean-François Dumoulin's schedule, and the veteran driver has decided to focus his driving in the NASCAR Pinty's Series on road courses for the upcoming season, aboard his familiar #04 Spectra Premium | Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat | Groupe Bellemare | MIA car.

"My commitments as a professional driving instructor, such as with the Ferrari Challenge, and the management of Dumoulin Competition will take up most of my time this year. The workshop will focus primarily on the preparation of the #04 Spectra Premium | Bernier Crépeau Chrysler Fiat | Groupe Bellemare | MIA team cars for road-course events, as well as preparation of cars for other drivers", commented Jean-François Dumoulin.

"Our #04 Spectra Premium team performed well on road courses in 2018 and I am confident that I can do well again this year. We may yet race on an oval track given the appropriate circumstances, such as the final race at the Autodrome St-Eustache or other events of similar notoriety."

Dumoulin Competition: preparation of race cars for other drivers

Since its creation in 2009, Dumoulin Competition has always had as its objective the preparation of competitive race cars for the NASCAR Pinty's Series. Preparing cars in-house gave the team more control over activities and quality, while also allowing the team to build up its skills, technical knowledge and experience. In fact, the team has been preparing cars in-house since 2016, and making great strides forward every season since. This development led directly to Louis-Philippe Dumoulin's second championship in 2018.

Raphael Lessard at Autodrome Chaudière - June 29, 2019

Frédéric Gabillon, a French competitor on the NASCAR Whelen Euro series, was the first driver to benefit from Dumoulin Competition's services, at the 2018 Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières Pinty's event. This year, Quebec racer Raphael Lessard will drive a car prepared by Dumoulin Competition on what he considers to be his home track, the Autodrome Chaudière half-mile paved oval. "Raphael Lessard is an up-and-coming driver and we are delighted to team up with him. I am convinced that the race action will please everyone, and I fully expect to congratulate him on the podium after the race," said Jean-François Dumoulin, driver and co-owner of Dumoulin Competition.

Distribution of Spectra Premium High-Performance radiators

The new partnership between Les Industries Spectra Premium Inc. and Jean-François Dumoulin is resolutely forward-looking. In addition to supporting Jean-François Dumoulin at the track, Spectra Premium works with its brand ambassador to market and raise awareness of its complete range of high-performance products. In addition to the NASCAR Pinty's series radiator, developed in collaboration with the Dumoulin Competition racing team in 2016 and Pinty's Series champion in 2018, this product line now includes other radiators for different stock-car series.

"The objective is to distribute high-performance radiators in both the NASCAR Pinty's series and other markets currently under negotiation. There are many opportunities and we must devote time to promotion and prospecting," says Jean-François Dumoulin.

More and more teams from different professional series are interested in Spectra Premium's new high-performance radiators to benefit from their quality and efficiency. These radiators offer important advantages: light weight, easy to install and integrate into various chassis, and solid in the event of an incident. Its increased heat removal capacity makes it easier to optimize engine temperature.

"As part of this fifth year of partnership, we are pleased to add a business dimension to our relationship with Jean-François and Dumoulin Competition. After last year's remarkable season, we look forward to seeing Jean-François at the wheel of the #04 Spectra Premium this year," said Jason Best, Senior Vice President, Secondary Market, Spectra Premium.

Historic High Performance Radiators

2016 Initial design of the radiator, together with the Dumoulin Competition


  • Initial on track testing in Sebring (FL) with Jean-Francois Dumoulin and Dumoulin Competition team members
  • First complete season in the NASCAR Pinty's Series with two cars from Dumoulin Competition (3 podium, 11 Top-5 and 22 Top-10 finishes)
  • A second driver, Alexandre Tagliani, switches to Spectra Premium radiator


  • Development of new radiator models and launch of the APC series
  • First win for the radiator in the Pinty's Series, by driver Louis-Philippe Dumoulin
  • Drivers Larry Jackson and Alex Labbé switch to the Spectra Premium radiator
  • Driver Louis-Philippe Dumoulin wins the NASCAR Pinty's Series Championship
  • Spectra Premium High-Performance radiator score 5 wins, 16 podium finishes, 20 Top-5s
  • First race in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Cup Series with Jean-Francois Dumoulin
  • Radiator approved by NASCAR for the Xfinity Series and the Gander Outdoors Truck Series
"Passion - Performance - Partnerships"

Photo : Matthew Manor CSCG


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